Leaving behind 45 years...

Healthy principles, traditions, and routine behaviors that keep the "family" company up which the first window of our lives are opened, allow the company to live long-term. A company, being described as a living organism, is expected to improve its physical, emotional, mental and social intelligence as owner of emotional and social life as humans, and trying and working hard.

The prerequisite for survival in a competitive world is learning and improving. While the confidence and morale of the institution is strengthened by the external learning which develops the quality of the products and services from one side, creativity is actuated by the learning which provides the internal development from the other side. To be aware of institutional difficulties, to be aware of institutional feelings; and using this awareness for a corporate culture characterized by openness, trust and honor plays an important role in the success of institutions.

In a period when goods and capital can move freely between countries, it is clear that institutions must maintain world standards and prepare global breakthrough strategies for them, and their objectives for these strategies to be able to yield results. In 1973 Kiyasi Senturk and his brothers determined strategies that could survive in the competitive world when they started their institutionalization efforts, hosted internal and external learning, provided global breakthroughs and aimed at achieving world standards with healthy principles.

Bayburt Construction, Bayburt Energy, Ankabay Insurance Intermediation Services, Agrobay Green Building companies are group companies that will take their current duties and responsibilities to the future with these companies in line with these strategies.

Tomorrow, as it is today, new activities in new sectors will continue with fulfillment its wide range commitments such as contracting, fuel sales and operations, insurance and brokerage services, consulting, domestic and foreign trade, distribution of petroleum and derivatives, wet vegetables and fruit production; signing big projects, contributing to the economy of the country, efforts to train and recruit qualified employees. We are walking for the next few years with our new generation of executives and strategists, and employees who are responsible, have the initiative and commitment and will keep the corporate culture.

Our group companies which carry their domestic knowledge and experience abroad and will sign big projects in abroad as well as in the country, will mention their names due to the quality of work and service they have done. Together to many happy years and success...

The Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Abdurrahman Senturk, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Gungor Senturk and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Ahmet Senturk attended the award ceremony. The Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr.Abdurrahman Senturk has received the plaque of success from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Efforts, labor and achievements of our Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Abdurrahman Senturk, for taking place among 42 companies, have given a great pride to group employees.

The vision of our country is the vision of our group and we will continue to contribute to the country's economy by representing our country in the best way with the works we have done and we will do inside and outside the country. We are pleased to share the visuals of the award ceremony with our business partners, our friends and our employees.

Çerez Kabul