In 1960’s, he felt homesick which was the common fate of many Bayburt residents. He was employed as an apprentice, a foreman and a master builder in numerous construction projects throughout Turkey. In 1970, he travelled to Germany, a country defined as a painful foreign land in our country. As he returned to the country in 1973, he commenced contracting works in Ankara with the excavator and loader machinery that he has purchased with his savings in Germany. Until 1987, he continued working with two brothers under the title of Kiyasi Senturk and Partners. In 1987, Kiyasi Senturk has founded Bayburt Construction Company together with his brothers and sons. By this company that laid the foundations of contemporary Bayburt Group, he succeeded as a contractor in the projects of various institutions including Rural Services, State Hydraulic Works and State Highways.

Kiyasi Senturk spent his entire life with the passion to serve Bayburt city and its inhabitants. It was such a great pleasure for him to witness that the children of Bayburt studying in universities and standing as dutiful generations for the country. Especially, the children graduated from his Quran Courses were like a tear in his eyes and a flower at his heart. By our Bayburt Group Foundation established to follow the wills of Kiyasi Senturk, Hasan Senturk and all deceased elders as well as to honor their names by maintaining the passion to serve and aid, we give scholarship to thousands of students in every month. Yet, we would like to contribute to our country and our citizens by cherishing the memory of stated elders with further mosques, Quran courses and schools.

Bayburt Group Family

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