When an organization is defined as a living organism, it is anticipated to show further efforts and improve its physical, emotional, mental and social intelligence by maintaining a social and emotional life just like the people.

In an era with free movement of goods and capital between the countries, the organizations are required to reach worldwide standards and develop global competition strategies for this purpose by acting assertively for absolute success in stated strategies. As Kiyasi Senturk and his brothers initiated the works for founding a company in 1973, they determined relevant strategies to survive in a highly competitive world by following internal and external trainings as well as to reach global standards by maintaining international development with firm principles.

Bayburt Construction, Senbay Mining, Ozgun Construction, Bayburt Energy, Ankabay Insurance, Agrobay Greenhouse Cultivation and Sut Kardeshler and Hasanbey Farms are the affiliated companies founded under such strategies in order to bring current duties and responsibilities into future.

The company’s efforts in performing commitments as well as undertaking large scale projects and contributing to national economy through added values, and training/employing qualified staff will continue in the future by new industrial and corporate activities in a broad range from construction, contracting, energy, fuel, insurance brokerage, consultancy, domestic or foreign trade, oil and derivatives distribution to the manufacturing of fresh fruits and vegetables. By our employees taking responsibility and initiative with loyalty and sustaining corporate culture, we run towards the future through our new generation directors and strategies.

Reflecting its knowledge and experience in domestic market to international arena by implementing large scale projects in both markets, the affiliated companies makes an indelible impression with its current works and service equality. We feel proud and pleased to demonstrate this success by entering the list of 250 Biggest International Contracting Firms in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. To many successful and pleasing years together…

Çerez Kabul