Engineering News Record (ENR), the international sector magazine that publishes news, analysis and evaluation related to the construction sector, has announced this year top 250 international contracting sector companies.

On the list of "World's Largest 250 International Contractors", which was prepared by International construction sector magazine ENR's contractors prepared the previous year on the basis of their income from activities outside the country, Turkey was ranked the second after China for 10 times.

Bayburt Group Inc., which has been continuously in the list published by ENR since 2014, reached to 195th place in the list of "2018 World's Largest 250 International Contractors". Bayburt Group Inc. at the same time, reached to 231th place in the list of "2018 Largest 250 Global International Contractors".

With the experience of 45 years we have left behind, and the pride of continuing to progress in line with our goals to provide the best service in the sector; We would like to thank all the Bayburt Group Inc. family for their efforts and work.