The minister Arslan traveled from Kars to Georgia through Baku-Tiflis-Kars railroad. This was the first transport of passengers under the scope of the said Project.

Mr.Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communication traveled from Kars to Georgia through the largely completed Baku-Tiflis-Kars (BTK) railway together with the officials from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kazakhistan as the first passengers of this railway transportation Project.

Many people living in the border villages along the journey took pictures of the train carrying passengers at this line for the first time and greeted the passengers.

The minister Arslan made explanations to the press members during the journey
in company of Cavid Gurbanıv, Head of the Railways Administration of Azerbaijan, Mamuka Bakhtadze, Head of the Railway Administration of Georgia and Kanat Alpispayev, Head of the Railway Administration of Kazakhistan

The minister stated that they had the opportunity to see the construction works on site and exchange views with the officials of the three countries.

“This will be a project jointly presented by three countries to the service of the world”

Mr. Arslan who emphasized the importance that the President Erdogan attached to this project further made the following statement:

“We are working on a difficult route. We as the three countries work together   in this Project. I am happy to state that we are making a travel with passengers for the first time in this route. History is being written today and we witness this together with you. I hope that the works underway in Turkey and Georgia will be completed in a short time through the cooperation of the three countries. We will allocate this line especially to the services of the transportation of cargo. This will be a project presented to the service of the world by the three countries. It interests Kazakhistan, China and Europe at least as much as it interests us.  Because it provides transportation of goods in a much more short time and with much lower cost in comparison to the other routes.

Mr. Arslan who stated that there is very short time left for commissioning the project further made the following statement: We believe that we are just in the eve of putting into service the railway Project which will make Marmaray, which is the complementary part of the mid corridor between Asia and Europe, much more functional. We are happy to come to the final phase of a project that would reinforce the fraternity and increase cultural togetherness and expand the volume of trade in this region”.